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Monday, April 16, 2012

Self-storage HELL

I absolutely HATE going there.  I just got back (gee ... can you tell?!).  The upside is that I managed to find the rest of my everyday kitchen utensils.  But then there are the other sides:

(1)  Its a classic Murphy's Law when I go there ... either a problem w/ the gate, the unit's lock itself -something at least once if not more puts me in direct contact w/ the manager, because it doesn't go as it ought to.

(2)  I don't have lightweight boxes ... so when it looks like what I want is below something too heavy for one disabled woman to lift (and why the hell am I alone in all of this?!), I take the knife and saw into the side of the box I do want.  Which is how I found the utensils.  But I didn't find the rest of the office paperwork I needed because there are a gazillion boxes... nor could I find the two box fans - in their boxes! - that I own, to move the air around when it gets stuffy like it did last night - and since I didn't even see them, it looks like I'll have to Dollar Store a fan ;-

(3)  I get in there - I look at all that has to be done by one woman with no family and who doesn't want to keep paying these fees - and - I get overwhelmed.  The only thing that kept me in an abbreviated panic mode (read: silent crying, w/ occasional outloud cursing) was that there was a woman assembling newspapers working out of the next unit (which I don't get, either, as the local paper used to have be delivered by 7 am, and here it was after 10!).  I get in there, and I turn into Dr Patricia Medford in the classic 1954 movie "Them!" where she swung her head around and screamed at the two law guys with her in the queen's mating chamber - "BURN IT! BURN EVERYTHING!!!"  -- I know that sounds lightweight, with so many emotionally meaningful items to sort through in there -- but that's what happens when I get overwhelmed ;-

(4)  No, it wasn't a cool day - it hit 84, with the pollen like hot glue running down the back of my throat - and I'm in a cinderblock and metal unit with the door rolled open -gaaahhh.  There's a guy who runs a workshop out of one of these units, so mebbe I should stop by and ask him how HE does it?!

(5) I always find something that stabs me in the soul ... today, it was a jar of assorted buttons from my mother's sewing table AND the bloody pajama top my father wore the night he died - which, if CSI should come in and I'm suspected of anything ;-

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