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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yesterday - thoughts --

If I was walking someplace, and I saw a gang of young men eyeballing me, and wearing certain clothes, and making the signs with their fingers ... c'mon.  I would know I was in trouble!

What happened yesterday, tho, falls into the line of someone who befriends me.  Someone with whom I let down some of my walls and I do this because I think we have some connection to one another - in this case, with being disabled and living on a daily basis with the inability to do things as well as physical pain.  The ol' "this is one of my peeps, yo", as they say.  For yet another person to get next to me just for their financial gain, makes it even harder for me to want to be next to anyone at all anywhere in my life.  So -yeah, okay - I'm going to go the bank and flag my account, because you have my information and even tho I cancelled ... but there is the intangible part of this - the part that involves my ability to be able to smile and laugh and talk freely with other people walking this planet - and once you damage that heart in someone - well, that isn't as easy to fix as going to my bank this morning, will be.

And mine has such deep scars on it already, you may have just nicked an artery this time, you dammed cons of the world!!!!!!

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