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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blue & Blue Ridge Mountains, too

So I've been watching some episodes of NYPD Blue (via  And I've hit a spate of episodes I don't even remember seeing the first time!  Baldwin and Maya ... John coming into an inheritance, buying his dream car, and getting carjacked ... especially how very slowly things really did develop between Andy and Connie.  Since I've been an avid Blue fan from the beginning, I was puzzled AND THEN I looked at the original air dates -ah! these aired right around the time my marriage hit the jagged rocks; and as watching Blue was our thing to do together, apparently, that last gasp year, we surely missed alot of tv - would you want to sit down and share something with someone you know is emotionally detaching from all your bullshit and gathering herself up?!!  Apparently the answer is sometimes 'yes', as I  certainly remember Connie being w/ Andy and Connie adopting her sisters baby BUT as I didn't see it develop, it just seemed like all of a sudden, they're together, and I neither understood nor cared for that, and I can remember my dh and I fighting about the Connie-Andy scenerio.

And speaking of things that are blue --

Am getting very, very ready to move back to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Va!!!  So soon I'll be offline, until I get resettled.  More I can say, but that's it for now ....

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