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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Caught me a con

I'm still desperately searching for a mover.  I put out requests online, still looking, still looking ... one particular company calls me.  This lady and I, we talk and talk.  Oh, she has health problems too -far more serious than me!  We talk about my inventory.  She gives me a quote.  And you know what?

I'm tired.  I'm desperate.  I want to move forward already.  Yeah, I'll contract with your company.  Except for some odd (God) reason, my credit card is declined.  So we decide I'll ok it at my bank tomorrow and call her back.

I get off the phone.  I'm looking at my notes and I realize I didn't take the name of the company -duh, Jean!  No problem!  I'll go online and do a reverse phone lookup.

Number doesn't exist?!

I type in her name, Lissa Chovon.  Another good one to look up is United States Movers - don't look at their website - look at the complaints. 

Complaint after complaint after complaint.  This woman poses as whatever you are.  Worse, they subcontract to some local, uninsured guy who happens to own a truck.  Stuff is lost, never recovered, damaged, broken, stolen.

I'm sitting here shaking and crying and feeling like the world is ablaze with con artists and I'm just another mark.  But wait Jean wait - you caught it, didn't you?!

I called her back.  I didn't want to get into a long-suffering conversation about all the outrageous things that you wouldn't even think could go on without someone being arrested, that she's done - I simply said friends are going to move me, so, thanks, but no thanks.

I'm still shaking. 

And I still don't have a mover.


  1. Oh Jean - I'm so sorry to hear. Hope everything works out for you. Moving is the worst. I just moved a couple of months ago on the same day that a hurricane hit Boston. It was awful. Sending you some good vibes!