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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rest in peace, Jennifer & Madison Leigh

Jennifer was a Catholic woman.  She was also a happily married woman who was greatly looking forward to her first baby ever, a baby she had registered for in a store, and already planned on naming Madison Leigh.

So something, somehow, somewhere, had to go very seriously wrong with that baby, for Jennifer, her husband, and another relative, to drive from upstate New York, to Maryland, and undergo a very late term abortion - she was 8 months along - that was going to take part not in one fell swoop, but over days, with not even hospital admission inbetween, but a stay in a hotel.

I think that's where things started to go very wrong - where it went from a personal and private tragedy in the life of a marriage and perhaps even a crisis of faith - because it was treated like an outpatient procedure - like some celebrity getting a facelift trying vainly to avoid the National Enquirer!

She should have been in a hospital, not in an abortion clinic - whatever side of this issue you sit on, the woman belonged in a regular hospital, and not an outpatient clinic in an office park!!!

And so now there are two physical deaths, and a very devastated family, and a grieving greater world ...

If anything at all is to come out of this investigation by the state of Maryland, if anything is to change, can it be that such serious medical procedures belong solely to a hospital - not a hotel - where when it's over, the woman is supposed to ride in a car for approx. 8 hours - just to go home to die?!!

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