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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Did this pee you off???

Mike Tyson on ’Law & Order: SVU’: Convicted rapist plays victim

I thought it was him!  Then, I did a Google search, and it was confirmed.  I read about the controversy in casting him into the role of a victim ... how the producer (or someone Big) said 'but he's paid for his crime' ... and here are my thoughts on this:

Mainly because of sobriety, and somewhat because of the maturity that should come with age, I'm thinking///hoping! that Mike Tyson is turning himself around from his former violent ways - AND that he chose to make a major acting debut in such a fashion because it would really make us pay attention & say "whoa!  what's changed with THIS guy?!" 

And there is something else I wonder:  did something like this happen to Mike Tyson?   It might explain an awful lot about him :  the rage, the violence, the literal & figurative chest-beating ... the assaults that go well beyond the assaults he made a living for, in a blood sport - and why he even chose that to make his living in, in the first place.  In fact, looking at this case portrayed on L & O SVU makes me wonder if, for example, Mike bit off someone's ear because the guy said something or did something that provoked that earlier, untreated wound, much like Reggie Rhodes.

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