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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Because she was making me Thanksgiving for Christmas ...

Because I knew that Kevin's mother Dorothy was going to be including me @ Christmas dinner (and feeding CoCo too :) ), I wanted to get her a hostess gift ...

After mulling over several options, I saw, in the Kroger's circular, a complete meal for at least six people - meat, two sides, rolls - for around $30!  This is IT! I smiled and said to myself:  she feeds me dinner, I provide the next one :)

So I went to the deli counter .... and there encountered my first surly woman, a rarity in the South!  She snarled that I was to come back in 15 minutes ...and when I did, I saw this poor fellow deli employee - a woman maybe 70 lbs - struggling to carry this HUGE box.  So I moved out of the way.  And she followed me.  And so I moved.  And she followed me.


The poor lady was bent half backwards, so I quickly grabbed it.  It wasn't so much heavy, as it was awkward.  I struggled w/ it to the register (I didn't have a cart) and by then I was out of breath and frankly, overwhelmed!

There is a male cashier named Lee who has cerebal palsy and who is the most gentle soul you'd ever want to meet - I remember him from when I last lived here.  He immediately walked over, took the box, got me a carriage, and rang me up with a portable device on his belt.  God bless Lee!

Realizing it swallowed up the hatchback area in my truck, I decided to ship it -but got to the UPS store and the line was literally out the door!

Got it home and -oh dear:  it wouldn't fit in my refrigerator ;-

At that point I opened the box.  AND REALIZED IT ONLY TOOK UP HALF THE BOX - the other half of the box was empty!

Individually, it fit in my fridge ... and in the $7 stryofoam ice chest I bought to haul it up there ...very easily!

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