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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life, Reworked ....

One of my biggest fears when I lived in the last city I did, where I knew almost no one, and very infrequently did I have visitors (with some very notable exceptions! like my dear next-door neighbor), one of my biggest fears was that I would drop dead in the house ... and no one would find me ... and the dogs would starve to death ... and I would become a weird news item of the day, like the mummified woman no one missed in her neighborhood, either ;-

This afternoon, my neighbor and friend, Karl, in #13, dropped over ... he does that, and that's nice :)  Then, his Mom called him on the phone and said she was stopping over - "I'm in #1, Mom" ... so his Mom came here!  So I got to meet Karl's mom, and that was nice, but wait!  She was coming over to bring him dinner and as he said he was visiting a neighbor in #1 - well, she brought me some, too - A HOMECOOKED MEAL :)  Oh my WORD!  I about died and went to HEAVEN!!! 

And then, while they were here ... my former neighbor Bobby came over ... Doris in #3 stopped down ... AND Karl's son Kyle came over.  I had more people, than furniture!  Well I could have had enough spaces, actually, but you see my mind's still stuck in the rut of being a single recluse, so I have stuff all over ... I had a living room full!!!  WOW!  Me - I had that!

I have a life reworked, I realized that today!  AMEN!!!

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